Pre-purchase inspections

First and foremost, can we just say… THANK YOU PORTLAND! The response to our launch was and continues to be amazing. You make us feel like we waited to long to bring our services to the area. Thank you for all the love and support.

Over the last few weeks, we have had the pleasure of helping customers with their car care needs ranging from brakes, steering and suspension, engine repairs to maintenance tune-up and oil change service. However, the most topical subject for us to blog on would have to be the increased number of pre-purchase inspections we’ve done. This is a common way to use one’s tax refund. As a result, we’d like to highlight some interesting and disturbing notes from our recent inspections.

1. If a dealer/seller is defensive against you bringing a mechanic to check your potential purchase: RUN… fast! If they are a legitimate dealer/seller, they would welcome an inspection because they know they’ve got nothing to hide.

2. Carfax and other car history databases should not be your sole source of information on the vehicle. If the original owner is not on the “up and up” to begin with, it does not benefit them to report accidents and other adverse incidents to the vehicle’s history. These reports are good starting points, but does not override the need to have an inspection.

3. Inspection reports have saved our clientele money, time, and a lot of headache. Our pre-purchase inspection service gives you the leverage to negotiate a lower purchase price.

4. It’s human nature to become emotionally vested in some point of the buying decision making process. Inspections help bring an objective perspective for your consideration, we’ll help you shop with a mechanic’s eyes instead of rosey-colored glasses.

Additionally, since we realize we’re not the best wordsmiths out there, here is a recent article that speaks to the fact that auto history reports show gaps. Another interesting news story covers the same problem, click here to watch the clip.

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