“I love AutoMedic. They are quick and competitively priced and super sweet people.”

–Sarah P. (Toyota Corolla)

“Ever heard the joke about the Blonde when she was asked ‘What kind of car do you have?’ and the Blonde replies ‘A black car.’  I am clueless about cars, and I just happen to be blonde. Seriously,  I worry about being sold unnecessary repairs. AutoMedic fixed exactly what was wrong and just charged me for the parts and labor they performed. They were accommodating with how I needed to be contacted (cell text) and were at my home at the promised time. AutoMedic even told me what the technician looked like so I felt comfortable letting him in the door. The technician, Hai, was professional, polite, knowledgeable, and timely with repair work. No egos, no attitude at this company. Bottom line – They are the best at what they do. You would be foolish to call anyone else.”
–Debera H. (VW Jetta)

“I received outstanding service and a great price. Saved over $200 for getting rear shock absorbers replaced in my vehicle. I will highly recommend AutoMedic.”

–J.B. (Honda Odyssey)

“Outstanding service! Hai is a very hard working, talented young man. He is very knowledgeable and detailed in his work. He will have you back on the road quickly! I highly recommend AutoMedic, LLC. They will treat you right from start to finish of the job.”

–Jim and Michelle (VW Jetta)

“Automedic seriously saved the day for me… I was visiting Portland for 24 hours from Seattle when my car broke down. I thought I was screwed as my insurance company told me no one could look at my vehicle until Monday, but luckily I heard about Automedic through a friend… From start to finish, Automedic was highly professional, flexible, knowledgeable and made everything incredibly easy for me – the customer service was unparalleled! After setting up an appointment on Saturday evening, they came and got my keys on Sunday morning. By the time I had finished brunch, they had assessed and fixed the problem… amazing! I got back to Seattle without a hitch and for much less than I was expecting. They made what could have been a disaster an incredibly painless experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

–Russ (Ford Taurus)

AutoMedic offers one of the best services one can ask for when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The convenience of having them come to you is definitely a plus, but when you combine the convenience with AutoMedic’s knowledge, efficiency, integrity and quality, you have one of the best auto mechanics Portland has to offer. Recently, I needed to get several things done to my car, as it is approaching 100000 miles. AutoMedic helped me prioritize the order in which to do the maintenance so that it was affordable for me, which was really awesome. I had to work the day the servicing was scheduled, but I wasn’t able to have it performed at my job site (office park restrictions). So I left my car at home and AutoMedic came to my house and did all the servicing. When I came home from work, I arrived to a newly serviced vehicle that ran great! How painless is that?! I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone I know looking for a reliable mechanic. “

— Anonymous