Honesty, Integrity & Loyalty

Founder's Creed

Chi Nguyen-Ventura


AutoMedic was started to meet the needs for a mobile automotive cleaning company dedicated to quality service, high standards, and an eco-friendly approach. We're a small company, headquartered in Portland, committed not only to providing the services our customers want but to having staff that are part of the family. We care for our employees and their families because those values carry over into the work we do.

Our company operates with a strong mission to create living wage jobs and bring respect back to the frontline staff. Too often, the working class is marginalized or treated as cogs in the greater machine. Our founder, a proud corporate drop out, is trying to envisage and create a new paradigm of helping the new-collar workforce. We believe that if we place people before profit, the hardest working and best talent will join forces with us to do good in the world. We empower our people. We trust our people. We cease to exist without our frontline team members. Our business model rewards those who do the heaviest lifting by paying them commensurately and offering a path toward ownership. Lifting as we rise. And because we lead first with our values, we choose to only partner with and work for folks who share similar values. Our clients understand that we will respect their trust and in turn, honor the diligence of our team members.

Application of Philosophy

Philosophies and theories are great, but how do we put them into practice?

Here are a few example:

  • We give our team members living wages & 401K
  • We give our frontline team members the power to make onsite decisions without the hassle of asking for permission
  • All team members are a critical voice in our strategic planning and goals.
  • You've heard of healthcare but have you heard of financial planning assistance? Our team members receive personalized one-on-one assistance with a financial planner while the company foots the bill.
  • We only work with vendors and clients who show respect to our frontline employees.
  • We believe that having a work life balance is important for the health of the whole individual, therefore, our team has flexible work schedules and a week off per year.


Founded in December 2010, AutoMedic was inspired by the simple concept of "how do we innovate an antiquated industry?" Frustrated by wasted hours sitting in a lobby waiting for something simple as an oil change, our founder set out to find a better way. Our aim is to deliver time and convenience while eliminating unnecessary fleet downtime and time waste.

Since our inception, taking care of people has always been, and remains, the number one priority and our North Star. Be it investing in our team members or providing exceptional service for our clientele. Even with the ebbs and flows of a start-up, AutoMedic has never wavered from this core value. As our team began to grow the importance of empowering and providing our team members with the best employment experience became a critical component to AutoMedic's success.

Team Members

Our Team is made up of individuals who are dependable, on the spot problem solvers, focused on customer service and are just darn right great people.


Service Manager

Ryan is an ASE Certified Master Technician and Advanced Level Specialist. We call him "The Doctor." Others might call him Doogie Howser, as he was one of the youngest technicians in the country to become ASE Master Certified while still in high school. With 17 years of professional experience, over 30 certifications, and unwavering tenacity, we know Ryan is up to the task.


Cleaning Manager

Annalise's ambition and self-motivation helps her thrive in our start-up environment. Starting from a cleaner role, she ascended into management within two short years. The people and our mission are the two aspects that inspire Annalise to be an exceptional team member. She aspires to run a self-sufficient homestead.



T.A. is a writer by day and a detailer by night. Because of the flexible scheduling, T.A. is able to support his dream of writing while working for AutoMedic. We have benefited from his journalism background with the contributions he has made to our website and other marketing materials.



Rolondo brings a unique sense of soul to our team. He has the heart of a detailer and his professionalism is something to be admired. His spirit and strive for perfection benefit all who come in contact. When not working, Rolando belongs to an Aztecan dance troupe where he honors his heritage.



Kyle joined the AutoMedic ohana after obtaining an Associates Degree in Diesel Technology in Hawaii. Here on the mainland, Kyle became ASE Certified while working for a rental fleet. Tired of being a cog in the corporate machine, Kyle joined AutoMedic for the opportunities in career advancement. We are always impressed with his work ethic, and look forward to developing his skillset.

Our Guarantee


We don't just say we'll provide great service; we take the steps necessary to make that promise a reality. We only use OEM-quality parts. We invest state of the art equipment so as to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing automotive field.

Screening & Training

Automotive maintenance and service requires specialized skills, so we only hire people who meet the necessary standards. We screen our mechanics rigorously to ensure they meet industry standards – and ore. All our employees receive in­depth training so that we know we are upholding our standards.

Industry Standard Insurance

AutoMedic and our mechanics carry industry­ standard liability insurance so that if anything does go wrong, the impact on you is minimal. We cover all our services because we know you deserve that peace of mind.


12­ months or 12,000 miles. That's our guarantee, parts and labor. We stand behind our work, so if anything goes wrong (subject to certain conditions), we will make it right. Our goal is to fix any problems at no cost to you.